About my headshot sessions

Liz Simmons

If you book me as your headshot photographer you will have a session that is relaxed, yet focused. I take time to understand your casting characteristics, any specific requirements, go through the clothing you’ve brought to put together a few looks that work and, most importantly, to discover how to bring out the best of you in front of the camera.

I photograph actors’ headshots in my studio near London Bridge and sessions last two to three hours, during which we’ll take a few hundred photos. I edit these down to around 130 images and send them as low resolution jpgs via a weblink to you and, if necessary, your agent (you can keep this long list for your future reference).

Turnaround time for delivering your long list is two working days although often I will get them to you on the same day as the shoot.

From the long list you can choose up to four different shots to have subtly retouched (for more on retouching, see the FAQs), and supplied to you in high resolution jpg format for printing and submitting to The Spotlight, as well as low resolution versions for emailing and other web use.

All sessions are archived should you ever require alternative high res images.

For more info, or if you have any questions at all, please give me a call on 07711 183 631 or drop me an email here.